Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Weightless. Relaxed. Happy.

Aerial Yoga introduction

Once a month. Forget the outside world for 2 hours and learn to fly! With plenty of time and tranquillity, we get to grips with the cloth. This course is aimed at anyone who is curious about aerial yoga, but perhaps also has a certain respect for the exercises or doesn't regularly do yoga or similar bodywork.

Coming Next:

Sunday, 28.04.24 / 16:00-18:00

Wednesday, 01.05.24 / 12:00

from 40,00 € (according to self-assessment)

Aerial Yoga Fortbildung in Köln

Aerial Yoga - as a regular course

You also find swinging great and want to fly regularly and dive into this feeling? Then choose your favorite course from four different Aerial Yoga courses during the week! I look forward to swinging and flying with you!

Aerial Yoga Fortbildung in Köln






Open Level




Each 2nd Sunday of the month


Aerial Yin Yoga

(relaxing excercises in the deep hanging hammock)


Via drop-in, 5-card or 10-card, trying out starting from 15,00 €

Aerial Yoga

as a private lesson for you!

Enjoy "Aerial Yoga" uniquely just for you!

Or experience it together with friends/family. On a date of your choice! Let me know your level of knowledge and any pre-existing conditions and I will tailor the class to you and your needs! It doesn't matter whether you are a "newcomer" to the cloth or an "old hand".

Investement: starting from 65,00 € (max 3 persons; if you are more contact me for a group pricing)

This offer is also available as a voucher!

What others say:

Gain confidence

"Gain confidence, take a bit of a risk, let go, feel weightless and safe .... Anyone taking to the sling for the first time definitely needs to have confidence - in the equipment, but above all in their own abilities. Dear Janina, I took my first 'flying' attempts at aerial yoga in your beautiful yoga room and was thrilled. You guided us wonderfully through all the exercises - I felt very well looked after and cared for. Thank you so much for that! I would love to come back for another "flying lesson"!"


- participant


"Dear Janina, the beginner aerial workshop with you was great! You do a great job, the room is wonderful and the "flying" is simply fantastic. I will definitely be back, no question! Thank you for the lovely morning and the great introduction to the yoga topic of "aerial", which is new to me


- participant

Float, hang, relax

"Dear Janina, after the aerial beginners' workshop had already been so much fun with you, the second, advanced course for "high-flyers" was even more fun! In addition to the strenuous, dynamic exercises, what I liked best were the calm positions in the sling. Spending a long time in a comfortable position, completely surrendering to the cloth in a floating state - simply fantastic!

With your perfect step-by-step explanations and your calm manner, you manage to convey the passion and fun of floating in the sling.

An overall relaxing, fantastic experience that I can recommend to everyone!


- participant