Frequently asked questions:

1) Who is aerial yoga suitable for?

For anyone who enjoys exercise! As there are alternative postures for every exercise, Aerial Yoga can also be learned at an older age. No previous knowledge is required for the introductory workshop. For direct entry via the weekly basic course, some previous experience in yoga or Pilates is helpful.

2) When should I avoid aerial yoga?

If you have intraocular pressure, high blood pressure or are pregnant, I do not recommend aerial yoga in a high cloth. However, yin aerial yoga, i.e. aerial yoga in a low-hanging cloth, is possible and also wonderful, as it has a very gentle effect on the body. Have a look at my dates for this! Maybe there's a weekend that suits you?

If you are more overweight, I would recommend a private aerial yoga class to get you started.

3) Do I need previous yoga experience to take part in aerial yoga?

No. I offer a basic course on Fridays or an introductory workshop at the weekend, for which you don't need any previous experience. It can be helpful to have done yoga before, but as aerial yoga opens up a whole new body awareness through the exercises in the cloth, you can also take part without any previous experience.

However, you can bring some courage and a willingness to experiment ;)

4) What is the difference between the Aerial Yoga introductory workshop and the Aerial Yoga basic course? Which course can I start with as a beginner?

Both courses are suitable for beginners.

However, the introductory workshop is aimed specifically at all those who are doing aerial yoga, or yoga in general, for the very first time and perhaps also have a certain respect for the exercises in the sling. It lasts 2 hours and is structured in such a way that we familiarize ourselves with the sling with plenty of time and calm. We get to know different qualities in the shawl, from dynamic, playful and powerful to relaxing. Wonderful if you haven't done much yoga or Pilates yet, but are curious and like to take time to feel into your body and familiarize yourself with the cloth.

Also if you are more reserved and simply need a little more time and space for yourself.

The basic course offers the opportunity to get straight into aerial yoga. The basic positions are also taught here, but the 75-minute time format means you come into direct contact with the cloth.

So you should definitely have some courage to take part in this course or at least have some previous experience with yoga or Pilates.

So it really depends on whether you get to know aerial yoga in the introductory workshop or in the basic course.

5) How much weight can such a cloth hold? Is the attachment to the ceiling really secure?

The cloth and the mount in the ceiling are approved for a weight of 200 kg. So you can enjoy aerial yoga even if you are a little overweight. Incidentally, I have been doing aerial yoga in this room for over 4 years and have already done the craziest acrobatic things and dropped into the cloth in different ways, and everything still holds up like a bomb. :)