Yoga in Portugal

Yoga in Portugal

Retreat in the sunny south of Portugal

Finally back again!

From this year on also in English language available.

Join us and enjoy a relaxing timeout in the warm and sunny area in Portugal!

Revive your energy and find tranquility and relaxation with dynamic and recovering yoga-sessions, guided meditations, sympathic people around you and a lot of sun and sea in Portugal.

The Quinta da Fornalha und me are warmely welcoming you!

Next dates:

May: 10.-17.05.2024



Yogaretreat in Portugal

Possible daily structure:

9:00-10:30 dynamic "good-morning-yoga" in the garden

11:00-13:00 extended brunch with local healthy food

13:00-17:00 leisure time/


                   private lesson (additionally) or

                   guided meditation (each 2nd day)

17:00-18:30 yin yoga at the sea

19:00          dinner

from 21:00/afterwards: leisure time/night`s rest 

Our host: Quinta da Fornalha

Just in the middle of lavender and thyme, at the boarder of Spain, Quinta da fornalha is located. It used to be a farm with agriculture but now turned into an established spot for "ecotourism". Cordiality, authenticity, and the natural attachement are being lived authentically and by heart. That´s the reason, that turns this place into an extraordinary and magical location. On this spacious property we rent different sizes of flats and appartements and spend a relaxing time at this magical spot. Comfort meets naturalness. Here you can find a pool as well as the encounter of chicken, cats and dogs. A place to relax and to recover!

Do you want to get further information about this place?

Then check out the website of the Quinta da fornalha: Quinta da Fornalha


The prices depend on the type of accomodation you choose.

In the normal price segment it`s possible to share your appartement with someone, except you choose the option "single room" or bring a friend directly with your booking (look "happy friends rate").

Included in the prices:

° all of the yoga classes and guided meditations in a group

 (6x Yoga in the morning, 6 x Yin Yoga in the evening, 3 x guided relaxations, explorations by bike on demand)

° accomodation

° full board in the Quinta with belanced and healthy regional food (we cook together and make breakfast together)

° rental fee for a bike during that week

NOT included are:

° tracel costs to the Quinta (flight & train or rental car)

° additional personal training

° expenses for explorations and food beyond the Quinta)

"Casa Tomilho" 

Flat with 1 room with double-bed,  seperated bathroom,  seperated kitchen  and own terrasse.

Suitable for:

° a couple

° as a single room


890,00 € normal

(shared room)

850,00 € "Happy friends"

(you bring a friend to share the room with)

1.150,00 € booking as a single room

"Casa Nora"

Big flat with 2 rooms, with a single room (double bed) and a room with a bunk bed, a huge living room, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen.

This is our "group-house," We prepare the breakfast/brunch here and cook together.

Suitable for:

° two persons

° a couple

° as a single room

Occupancy with maximum 4 Persons (2 per room)

Price for the room with double bed:

820,00 € "Happy friends"

(you bring a friend to share the room with)

990,00 € booking as a single room

Price for the room with bunk bed:

800,00 € normal

(you may share the room with another person)

780,00 € "Happy friends"

(you bring a friend to share the room with)

920,00 € booking as a single room

"Casa Yuca" and "Casa Malva"

Each one a maisonette Studio with 2 seperated beds. They provide a small kitchenette and a integrated bathroom.

Casa Yuca is located in the back side of the property, the wilder planted part. So it is nice and calm. Casa Malva on the other hand is located in the front part (next to Casa Nora). The small flat provide a double-bed at the mezzazine and a single bed on the ground level.

Watch out for further information here.

Suitable for:

° two persons

° a couple

° as a single room


890,00 € normal

                (shared room)

850,00 € "Happy friends"

               (you bring a friend to share the room with)

1.150,00 € booking as a single room

"Casa Amendoeira" 

Flat with 1 room with double-bed,  own bathroom and small kitchen  and own terrasse in the back area behind the building.

Suitable for:

° a couple

° as a single room


890,00 € normal

(shared room)

850,00 € "Happy friends"

(you bring a friend to share the room with)

1.150,00 € booking as a single room

Further information to know:

Arrival and departure:

Arrival and departure have to be organizied by yourself. The destination airport is Faro. Flights go there regularly from different airports in Germany, check it out. Prices start from ca. 200,00 € with early booking.

The Quinta da foralha is located next to a small town called "Castro Marim" ca 50 km eastern of Faro. It´s easy to reach by train. It`s also a nice route along the sea coast. The train ticket used to be quite cheap: ca. 7,00 €/way. The train station "Castro Marim" can easily being reached by foot. It`s also possible to drive to the Quinta with a car that you rent on your own. 

How far is the distance to the next beach?

You can reach the sea in ca 3 km distance to the Quinta. We are going to have bicycles to reach the sea in about 15 minutes. Or in 2 minutes by car, if you want to rent one.

Because I will bring the equipement to the beach, I will take the car and give you a ride now and then, if you don`t want to take the bike an a day.

Do I need to bring an own yogamat or other props?

No, yogamats and also further props are being provided. :)

You can just bring a blanket to cover you for the relaxation parts.

Do you also offer Aerial Yoga?

Yes I do! Since there is unfortunatelly no possibility for several hammocks at the Quinta da Fornalha, I at least bought one Frame to offer Aerial Yoga for personal lessons. So if you want to try it out, you can book a class additionally. If you are experienced, you can also just book the frame and practice on you own. :) Just let me know.

Organization and aim of the yoga retreat:

The aim of the retreat is for relaxation and recovery. It is adressed to people of each age, who like to get in motion. It´s nice to have participated on one or another yoga-course before that retreat, but it`s not necessary to have a deep knowledge of yoga. There is a Yoga-class in the morning and in the evening an a guided meditation on each 2nd day. This is thought to be a complete free program, so you are completely free to decide, to participate or not. Also the time in between is completely free to spend: maybe you book a personal class on one day or explore the surrounding or you like to chill and relax at the pool and veg out. Completly in harmony with our own needs. Maybe we create a common trip with the group. Because I travel the algarve for several years, I can give some useful hints for discoveries in the close surrounding.

Further offer (can be booked seperately with the registration)

Personal Class Yoga or Pilates

Personal Class Aerial Yoga ( I provide a frame, which we can place in the garden of the Quinta or at the sea to do Aerial Yoga with).

Precondition for the particitation of the retreat:

° physical and mental health

° open-mindness to get in contact with yourself and others

° willingness to join in the creation of a harmonic cooperation (i.e. in the alternately changing providing of the brunch in the morning)


The catering is mainly healthy and balanced and it`s completely included in the price. I do the groceries with the wishes of the group and we arrange the breakfast together and also cook together. On three days during our stay, we enjoy dinner in the restaurant of the Quinta where we will be enjoy a delicious meal. If you have any food intolarance, I will of course take that into consideration. Please give me more information before with your registration.

(Tip: Eating outside of the Quinta (for example on an excursion) is not included in the price)

Method of payment/payment in instalment:

With your registration you will receive an email of acknowlegement, which confirms your choice of the room. As soon as the we reached the minimum number of 6 participants, you will receive another email, in which I confirm the retreat taking place and with further information and the request of initiating a first payment, the deposit. The rest of the payment is matured latest 4 weeks before the retreat. It`s also possible to do the payment in instalment. Just choose this option with your registration. Or contact me for an individual deal.

Canceling policy:

With early cancelation until 4 weeks before the beginning of the retreat, I reimburse you the price less the deposit. Afterwards it`s not possible anymore to do a refund. But you can send another person to take your place. In order to insure you in case of illness, I reccomend to conclude a travel cancellation insurance. Thus you are ready for all eventualities.

I beg your sympathy for I am not agitating as a travel agency and don`t incur lialibility for accidents or expenses incidental to travel in case of deseases or illness. Pleas take care of these things yourself at the beginning of your travel, if this Insurance is financially important for you. Thank you for your self-responsibility!

Number of participant in that retreat:

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 10

Yoga in the morning in the garden of the Quinta

About me, Janina:

I used to be a dancer and studied contemporary dance at the "Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz" at the Highschool for Music in Cologne. But the work on the stange became to abstract to me. I wanted to bring people into motion themselfes! I early started to teach. First dance, soon also Pilates, and later Yoga.

Getting to know yoga by the dynamic form "Vinyasa Yoga" it was love at first sight! :) I did a 500 h Yoga education and later also further ones in Yin Yoga, Sound Therapy and Aerial Yoga. Just new (October 22) is Basic-Seminar of "Logosynthese"; a method, that combines psychology with energetic ideas. So I keep on being curious.

2016 I opened my own yoga studio in Cologne: "Werde leichter! Yoga und mehr..." It`s supposed to be a meeting point for movement, relaxation and personal developement.

In the online-magazine "Fuckluckygohappy" "Werde leichter!" is being named as one of 10 beautiful Yogastudios in Köln genannt.

Since this year it is also a place for an educational program of becoming an "Aerial Yoga Teacher". For further information (only in german available at the moment) click here.