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Yoga & Pilates


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Yoga Flow

soft and regenerative

Yin Yoga

Yoga for the back

Powerful and dynamic courses:

Yoga Flow

Also called vinyasa yoga. Here you combine breath and dynamic movements in a flow that can sometimes become more powerful. If you like to stay in motion and enjoy a fluent way to do yoga.

Previous knowledge helful!


Body training according to Joseph Pilates to strengthen the abdomen, core and pelvic floor in particular. Great prevention for back problems. Open level, no previous experience required.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga in a cloth hanging from the ceiling. If you have never done aerial yoga before, I recommend you start with the basic course on Friday at 16:30 or attend an introductory workshop at the weekend.

Soft and regenerative courses:

Yoga for

back health

Class in english. For Prevention or when you have back issues. This class combines mobilisation and flexibility to keep your spine and back healthy. And also works with strengthening excercises to stabilize your back from inside. Open level. No pre-experiences necessary.

Yin Yoga

Here you can completely let go and relax. In this class, we take up positions in which we gently stretch the body and create space. Physically by stretching muscles and connective tissue, and mentally by immersing ourselves in stillness.

Yin Aerial Yoga

Calm yoga in a low-hanging cloth. We sometimes sit or lie completely in the cloth, but sometimes we also use the contact with the earth to release our weight and connect more deeply with ourselves. Try it out! It's so beautiful! Every 2nd Sunday of the month at 17:00

Participation and investment:

Participation: You can take part in all my courses in the studio or online. Participation online is via the provider "zoom". By registering you agree to the terms and conditions of zoom.

Investment: I am a small studio and offer my classes in a very personal atmosphere. Everyone is welcome here. Since I want to make my offers available to as many people as possible, I offer a completely new pricing system that is based on your professional and economic situation: You choose your own course fee!

In order to cover my costs, I have set a minimum fee that starts at €15.00 for a trial lesson/drop-in lesson. You can take part via "drop-in" options, for sporadic visits, via 5 or 10 class cards with a certain regularity, or via membership, where you are then guaranteed a place in the course.